Why massage therapists don’t take their own advice!

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It has always been the duty of a massage therapist to give and advise massage treatments to their clients whenever they need it, but us, as therapists can also benefit from receiving treatment from other therapists.

As massage therapist, we can be so focused on giving our all to our clients that we forget to listen to our body and stick our self way down on the list. We should be benefiting from our industry, and walk the talk.

After all if you think back to the original reason you began your journey in the massage industry, I am sure, yes you wanted to make a difference but also most of us experienced the benefits for our self, first and foremost by receiving treatments from others.

Yes am I right?

Just take time to enjoy what you have been giving out to others. It’s not entirely all about giving you should be at the receiving end for a change. There has to be a balance to prevent burn out!!

I don’t have to tell you the benefits of massage, as massage therapists we certainly can rhyme this off, as we regularly tell our clients daily and explain to strangers and potential customers the benefits. So why is it that so few of us do not receive treatments regularly?

Walk the talk?

Do you come up with the excuse of not having enough time to go and get a massage treatment?

This has always been a common excuse for clients and what do we say to our clients, we convince and encourage them to make the time to come get a massage treatment and rebook them in. If we can give out such advice, then we too should also practise what we are telling our clients. You deserve it too!

When we receive a massage treatment, we also get the same benefit our clients get and the added benefit of learning from other therapists, which will be very helpful to our professional development. It is also a networking opportunity to share your ideas with the other therapists.

Maybe you have the excuse that you can’t find anyone good enough. How long do you think it took your clients to find a therapist that suited them? You will always learn from another therapist, that certainly could be, what not to do.

If we are open and not in a critical mindset I am certain each treatment you receive from another therapist will expand your practice and aid you to grow as a therapist which your clients will benefit from. I have so much gratitude for all the therapists who have given me treatment over the years, and have learned from them all. Each encounter allowed me to connect and offer my clients a fresh new experience, never hitting a deadlock or becoming complacent.

Are you beginning to see the need for massage therapists to also go for a massage treatment?

Are you ignoring the signs of burnout?

Let’s walk the talk, only then can we start to reconnect with the massages we give. If it has been some time since you received a treatment then you are missing out communicating honestly with your clients.

When we receive massage treatment from other therapists it shows that we are not hypocrites and can actually do what we keep advising our clients to do.

What are the signs telling us we need a massage?

  • If it has been a month since your last treatment- BOOK ONE NOW!
  • If you are not connected during treatments and find your attention focusing on your own aches and pains or your mind wandering to tasks other than focusing on your client- BOOK A TREATMENT NOW!
  • If you find yourself rushing the treatment, cutting it short or suggesting your client gets another modality because it makes your job easier- YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MOJO and you are probably burnt out!
  • Feeling exhausted after clients and projecting the blame on to them as picking up their negative energy! – TAKE RESPONSIBILITY your body is crying out for some TLC. It is our choice whether we let others affect our energy, certainly if you are depleted you are vulnerable. BOOK A TREATMENT NOW!

If you have been on a course with me, you know I am always encouraging everyone to receive treatments. All courses I teach promote the importance of receiving the new modality you learn on the course, hence why we use each other as models. This is a vital part of the learning experience, only then can you truly explain to your clients what they may experience while receiving the treatment.

We can benefit greatly from ongoing massage treatment not only when you are feeling muscular aches and pains, but most importantly the need in order to prevent burnout while working. You spend a great deal of time giving your clients massage treatment and you have not taken time to make sure you too can also receive a  treatment, you don’t want to feel a sudden burn out when you are still working, so it’s advisable that as a massage therapist you too should also get a massage treatment.

So phone a therapist friend, scour the internet for a local therapist or join a swapsie club, but get that treatment booked today!!

You will wonder why you left it so long, enjoy!

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