Trudy Wilson

Trudy Wilson

Having come from a sales/customer service background, I decided 3 years ago to retrain as a Massage and Holistic Therapist. I had always been a "massage junkie" and loved the way it benefited my health and well being and so it seemed natural for me to want to enter this industry.

I did my initial ITEC training in Manchester then "found" Maureen.  Maureen's style of training, combined with her amazing personality and vast wealth of knowledge completely drew me in and I have done a total of 13 courses under her tuition. I'm also very lucky to count her as an invaluable friend.

I wanted to learn different therapies, different kinds of massage to offer clients.  At last I found something I was REALLY interested in!!

Now I offer 20 different therapies (see attached list) and love the variety of what I do. I enjoy making people feel better, helping with their aches and pains and providing these fantastic therapies in the comfort of their own homes.

I also specialise in corporate work, and pamper and hen parties.

Although I offer a variety of treatments, hot stones is the most requested one. I am also getting more enquiries these days about Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I have to say I think I have the most amazing job ever and I count myself very lucky to be in this position, where my job never feel like "work".