Danny McCaskill

Danny McCaskill

Hello my name is Danny, Maureen's husband. I work as a gas engineer but have gone part-time in order to care for Maureen. Helping Maureen go about her day-to-day life and now also helping out within the start with touch team, helping others achieve their goals. I've always helped out in the business anyway, most of you will at least recognise my back as the model in most of the training course videos and also in the classroom setting when we taught face to face.

My intro to massage was when I first met Maureen and she helped fix my back and ever since then I have had regular massage so I know all too well the benefits I get, and to all the therapists out there, thank you! During the start of the pandemic when everyone was under house arrest Maureen took me through my crystal and reiki training to add to my meditation teachers training which I completed in 2015.

You may wonder why a gas engineer wants to learn this? Well I have a keen interest in all things supernatural and went on regular ghost hunts before the world went into lock down. Intrigued by all things paranormal so crystal and reiki to me falls into a sort of supernatural category.

Part of the reason for helping out a bit more is to bring more courses to not just you high-flying therapists but to also people who maybe want to help a loved one or a partner but not sure how to, trust me when I say,“If I can do it! You can do it! Everyone can do it!” (Quote from Rocky IV).

As well as being just 'the model' you'll see me more participating in the lesson videos and photos as we create and develop new course material to help other carers and couples like us. I take my share in the admin duties, replying to email queries, bookings and any technical difficulties. With Maureen still answering all your questions, to any 'on the job' queries.