Just how rewarding is it being a massage therapist?

rewards massage therapist

Massage therapists are found all over the world. The vast majority of massage therapists are well-trained people who simply love what they do knowing they are helping others. Anyone who has had massage therapy for any reason will vouch that it is one of the most helpful, enjoyable and healing therapies ever experienced.

Massage therapy is all about relaxing muscles and of course relaxing body, mind and spirit. It is not just a physical treatment but also a mental and emotional treatment that can deliver long lasting effects to anyone. One of the more specialist and certainly lesser known massage therapies is working cancer patients using, specialist oncology massage techniques. Whilst there is no cure for cancer, there are studies that show how relaxation, especially at the level massage therapy takes relaxation, does help in fighting the disease.

Massage therapists who work with Cancer Patients find their work deeply rewarding. There is something very special working with someone who has a life threatening illness. Knowing full well that massage itself can’t actually cure cancer but only that it helps in some small way is enough. However, the rewards of being a massage therapist for cancer patients goes much deeper.

Massage therapists often get very close to those they are treating and with cancer patients of all ages this is perhaps more so. In a number of cases with cancer patients, they are in some pain and in other cases, the mind is just racing. One of the rewards as a massage therapist in this specialist field is knowing that massage is helping. Feeling the body relax and the pain ease as the therapy relaxes the person into a comfort zone is something the therapist senses instantly. The mind of the patient relaxes as well and there is a powerful connection between client and the person giving the treatment that cannot be truly explained.

The reward comes from making our clients feel normal or as close to normal as possible. For a few magical minutes, the therapist is transporting the client into a place that no medication or other treatment can do. For the therapist massaging the client this is a hugely rewarding experience.

Knowing that what they are doing could help your client make a full recovery just by relaxing them is an incentive to offer this remarkable therapy. In the growing number of cases where a client makes a full recovery the massage therapist can feel truly blessed, honoured and rewarded. Often many years’ later patients will let them know that it was the massage therapy that helped them fight the cancer, allowing their mind and body to relax and simply think happy thoughts.

It is not so much a financial reward that a massage therapist is looking from their work but always a reward of happiness and a smile and in the case of a cancer patient the reward of life itself.

2 thoughts on “Just how rewarding is it being a massage therapist?

  1. Good blog on Massage for cancer patients! Yes it’s rewarding when us massage therapists can relieve people of pain and see how relaxed they are ❤

    1. Melissa, completely agree. I love the work we do. It’s so valuable to others and in turn makes us feel valued too. We are very lucky!

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