Oncology Massage Level 3 Ultimate Vocational Training

Feel confident to massage someone with cancer - here's everything you need, with lifetime updates!

Let's never turn anyone away!

Here's what you'll gain from the Oncology massage level 3 vocational training, click below to watch Maureen's welcome video.


Dear Massage Therapist,

Why do you do massage? What motivates you?

I’m going to guess that part of your answer is that you really care about people. You love to see the difference your treatments make, and to hear how the lives of your clients are improved. Maybe even transformed.

The last thing you want to do is turn anyone away from receiving this wonderful treatment.

But what happens when you have a client with a contraindication? Someone living with cancer or who has had cancer? Or any life limiting condition!

They may benefit from and appreciate massage therapy more than anyone else, but if you’re like many of my thousands of massage therapy students, these are the thoughts that come into your mind:

  • “I can’t take the risk - what if my treatment makes them worse?”
  • “Will my insurance still cover me if I treat a cancer patient?”
  • “I’m going to need a doctor’s letter before treatment, and they’re such a hassle.”
  • “I’ve heard that it’s safe for cancer patients to have massage therapy, but I’m just not confident in knowing what to do to make sure it’s helping and not harming. How long should the treatment be, how regular, how do I make sure the client is comfortable…”

Sounding at all familiar?

Maybe you’ve been through the pain of turning away a client because you just weren’t confident enough, and wished you could have been able to help. Perhaps it was a family member and you knew that if you just had a bit more knowledge you could have used your skills to make a huge difference to their comfort and treatment.

Or perhaps one of your regular clients got a cancer diagnosis and you really wished you could have continued to treat them so they didn’t have to go to a hospice and have someone unfamiliar, or miss out entirely because they couldn’t find a therapist who would treat them.

Because you truly care about people, these things matter.

Perhaps you’ve wished you could really feel confident and competent when it comes to cancer and massage therapy.

And never turn anyone away.

And help more people.

And wouldn’t it be great if you could also communicate confidently with a cancer patient and do a consultation knowing nothing has been missed and you are able to carry out a safe treatment that will actually help, and will be soothing and nurturing?

Well, that’s exactly what I created this course for. I believe in never turning anyone away, and in this course you can learn everything you need to never turn away anyone with cancer.

Here’s what you’ll gain

No more fear

You’ll understand how cancer spreads (hint: it’s not mechanical movements) so you’re armed with knowledge rather than uncertainty.


You’ll know how to carry out a safe treatment, and you’ll know you did everything right, so no feelings of worry or guilt.


You’ll learn how to adapt current massage techniques safely and learn new techniques in restorative touch, towel origami bolstering, lymphedema & DVT risk routines.


You’ll feel confident and competent, knowing you’re an oncology massage specialist due to the specialist knowledge you gain from the course.


You’ll have ongoing support from your tutor and the community of students, so the fear and confusion can’t come back - all your questions will be answered.

No need to do another oncology massage course

I keep up to date with everything in the industry by attending worldwide conferences and events - the information I gather will be passed directly to you via the online theory platform if you have chosen the Ultimate Oncology massage training.

Treatment plan formula

I’ll teach you my unique “APP formula” for consultations to remove any doubt or concern that you might do the wrong thing in treatment.

Better client focus

You’ll learn the right questions to ask so the client isn’t worrying during the treatment, they understand all the way through.

No impact on your insurance

The course is accredited so your insurance fully covers you.

Client consent template

You can download and use this simple template for getting consent from the client, so no need for a time-consuming doctor’s letter.

Oncology massage database

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you’ll be added to my database of qualified oncology massage specialists, if you have chosen the Ultimate Oncology massage training.

So people looking for an oncology massage can come to you.

Here’s how it works

The course is delivered with clear, professional video lessons which are easy to watch and follow, along with a course handbook so you also have everything you need in writing.

The online teaching platform makes it really easy to follow along and to keep track of your progress through the material.

You’ll progress through the training like this:

START with touch Oncology Massage Level 3 Vocational Training

Course Prerequisites

This course is only available to qualified massage therapists with a level 3 minimum body massage & A&P qualification.

Level 1 - Online Theory

Work your way through each lesson in order, completing the assessment quizzes.

Quiz Sections are in these lessons

  1. Can massage spread cancer?
  2. What are cancer cells?
  3. Types of cancer and causes
  4. Understand the process of cancer and how it spreads
  5. Types of surgery involved
  6. Understanding the side effects of surgery
  7. External Radiotherapy
  8. Understanding different types of Radiotherapy
  9. Understanding the effects of Radiotherapy
  10. Understanding different types of Chemotherapy
  11. Understanding the effects of chemotherapy on the body
  12. How to use the App formula for contraindications
  13. Safe hygienic practices!
  14. When to glove up!
  15. Learn how to make your client super comfortable
  16. Quadrant & directional strokes

Once you've completed

  • the last quiz in lesson "Quadrant & directional strokes"
  • completed the enrolment form
  • and sent a copy of your level 3 massage & Anatomy & Physiology certificate and it has been approved

Your reserved assessment date will be confirmed and you'll be sent an email finalising your booking.

Level 2 - Practical Online live Zoom Assessment

  • Prior to your practical level 2 Oncology massage live zoom assessment please finish watching all the lessons.
  • Practical assessment will take place via two 60-90 minute zoom classes and your link will be sent to you via email.
  • Bolstering Supine & Restorative touch™ assessment 1130-1230 or 1400-1500 or 1830-1930
  • Andy/Bethany Oncology massage treatment assessment 1130-1300 or 1400-1530 or 1830-2000
  • Maureen is accommodating one to one assessments if a date doesn't suit. Select other and enter a few date options with times.
  • If booking both assessments with no breaks the time will be 2 hours 15 mins approximately starting with the restorative touch ™assessment.
  • Both assessments need to be completed to gain your Level 2 qualification, pick a date for Supine Bolstering and the Andy/Bethany assessment. This can be done on different days and there are a few options to do both assessments on the same day.

It is important to us that you get the one to one you deserve, that's why we only take small classes of no more than 4-6 students on our live zoom classes.

Live online assessment via zoom class checklist

  • Model (does not need to be someone with or had cancer for the class), and massage couch, chair or stool if preferred.
  • Sufficient bedding, towels, pillows, blankets to perform bolstering techniques.
  • Hand sanitiser, wipes.
  • Extra equipment- PPE (dependant on model, their treatment etc. and Covid-19 guidance)
  • Good internet connection
  • Up To date browser
  • Camera and microphone functioning 

Important to practice and prepare before class

  • Positioning of camera for assessment- to allow your tutor to see you and the whole bed.
  • Watch the restorative touch and bolstering lessons and practice the routine and towel origami bolstering techniques in preparation for your assessment.
  • Familiarise yourself with Andy & Bethany's consultation and lesson. Watch the risk of lymphedema routine, Risk of DVT routine and bolstering lessons and practice the routines and towel origami bolstering techniques in preparation for your assessment.

Your ready now!

  1. Grab a cuppa and log into the zoom class meeting.
  2. Position your camera on yourself at this time, your model will be needed in approximately 15 mins.
  3. Introduce yourself and share why you wanted to learn oncology massage with other like minded therapists on the course.
  4. Time to ask your tutor any questions
  5. Get ready for your assessment, prepare a model and position camera to yourself working around the massage couch. Your tutor may ask you to reposition your camera if they cannot observe you clearly. Please prepare and practice your set up before class.

Your Tutor will talk you through and guide you through every step of the routine, positionings & bolstering techniques that you need to demonstrate.

You will find the checklist within your course so there's no surprises and your tutor will help you if you get stuck and practice until you've got the hang of things and feel confident. So please don't worry about the assessment it's a very supportive environment, just like in a face to face classroom with Maureen.

After successfully completing the level 2 practical assessment, your tutor will be on hand to support you to complete your case studies.

You also have lifetime access to our closed facebook tribe.

Level 3 - Mentored Case Studies

Complete 3 case studies

Congratulations, you’re now a Qualified Oncology Massage Specialist!

You'll then get a one to one mentoring support call to answer any questions, business coaching and talk about therapist promotion and the chance to feature in a blog/vlog if you wish.

Supporting our students is top of our list.

Dates for Live online assessments are now available. Maximum of 4 students to each live zoom assessment.

Monday 13th May 2024

Sunday 9th June 2024

Wednesday 7th August 2024

Monday 9th September 2024

Sunday 6th October 2014

Meet the team

Get ready to return to work with your new Specialist skilled Oncology massage therapist qualification- Never turning anyone away again including those living with life limiting conditions. Thank you for the valuable work you do!

Maureen has returned from her symptom management stay at the local hospice and is ready to add a few more dates for assessment this year. She wants to continue to be part of the movement she created till the day she dies. Already exceeding her lifespan by 2 and a half years when the prognosis was 1 year back in the summer of 2019.

Well people if you want the pleasure of being taught and the one to one mentoring from Maureen the time to book is now or the chance will be forever lost. Nothing makes her happier than chatting with like minded therapists and boosting your confidence to support you in working with clients with complex conditions.

One to one dates available by request

These may be the last teaching dates with Maureen although her recent diagnosis of heart failure has somewhat come as a blessing with a silver lining. Now on medication for this she is able to be more active without her heart rate spiking giving her an even better quality of life. (still hanging on to those 23% lungs which are functioning with the help of 24/7 oxygen)

Places are limited to 4 people on Maureen's courses. You must complete all online assessments at least 1 week to confirm your assessment place.

We have no plans to resume venue teaching as Maureen can only assess via zoom because of her immunosuppressant terminal illness.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on our industry. The accreditors FHT and ABT have approved live online assessment for your this course.

The Level 3 course format has also been revised with online lectures, videos that you'll have access to, just like revisiting your class again again whenever you need a wee refresher. So even better than attending a class for a day, let's face it we always forget something or wish we could see that demo again.

If this sounds like the course you've been looking for, then please sign up on this page to start your oncology massage journey. I'm really looking forward to helping you to gain this specialist knowledge and these valuable skills.


P.S. You might like to know that I will be donating part of the proceeds from this course to charities, specifically those that need funding to carry out complementary therapy treatments.

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Hi from Maureen!  
Lesson 2 Lets get started!  
Lesson 3 Enrolment form  
Module 2 Myths Feel confident and dispel doubts and fears
Lesson 1 Can massage spread cancer?  - Preview  
Module 3 Benefits of Oncology massage
Lesson 1 The many benefits of Oncology massage  
Module 4 How cancer develops and spreads
Lesson 1 Lets get started!  
Lesson 2 What are cancer cells?  
Lesson 3 Types of cancer and causes  
Lesson 4 Understand the process of cancer and how it spreads  
Module 5 Surgery
Lesson 1 Types of surgery involved  
Lesson 2 Understanding the side effects of surgery  
Module 6 Radiotherapy
Lesson 1 External Radiotherapy  
Lesson 2 Understanding different types of Radiotherapy  
Lesson 3 Understanding the effects of Radiotherapy  
Module 7 Chemotherapy
Lesson 1 Understanding different types of Chemotherapy  - Preview  
Lesson 2 Understanding the effects of chemotherapy on the body  
Module 8 Contra-indications
Lesson 1 How to use the APP formula for contraindications  
Module 9 Hygiene
Lesson 1 Safe hygienic practices!  
Lesson 2 When to glove up!  
Module 10 Positioning
Lesson 1 Learn how to make your client super comfortable  
Module 11 Pressure
Lesson 1 What is safe pressure?  
Module 12 Consultation
Lesson 1 Understanding what information is needed  
Lesson 2 Consent  
Lesson 3 How to write to Medical professionals  
Lesson 4 Feedback  
Lesson 5 APP Formula™  
Module 13 Client interview
Lesson 1 Lifelong effects of Cancer treatments  
Module 14 Risk of DVT
Lesson 1 When is a client at risk of DVT?  
Lesson 2 Risk of DVT routine video  
Module 15 Risk of lymphedema routine
Lesson 1 How to adapt treatment safely if someone is at risk or has lymphedema  
Lesson 2 Translating medical concerns into massage concerns  
Lesson 3 Quadrant & Directional strokes  
Lesson 4 Risk of lymphedema routine video  
Module 16 Practical Assessment guidance and preparation
Lesson 1 Checklist for assessment  
Lesson 2 Bolstering Supine & Restorative touch treatment  
Lesson 3 Andy/ Bethany Oncology massage treatment  
Module 17 APP Formula ™
Lesson 1 APP Formula™-Avoid -Risk of lymphedema, DVT & Bone Metastases  
Lesson 2 Position & Supports-Towel Origami™  
Lesson 3 Supine Bolstering  
Lesson 4 Side-lying Position & Bolstering  
Lesson 5 Pressure scale video  
Module 18 Massage routine
Lesson 1 Oncology massage routine guidance  
Lesson 2 Back massage routine  
Lesson 3 Posterior legs  
Lesson 4 Anterior Legs  
Lesson 5 Foot routine  
Lesson 6 Abdomen routine  
Lesson 7 Arm routine  
Lesson 8 Hand routine  
Lesson 9 Facial massage routine  
Lesson 10 Head massage routine  
Lesson 11 Lymphatic facial routine  
Lesson 12 Massage side lying position  
Module 19 Restorative touch™ routine
Lesson 1 Understanding the power of restorative touch™  
Lesson 2 Restorative touch™ routine Start instructions  
Lesson 3 Restorative Touch™ Routine video  
Module 20 Client treatment
Lesson 1 Andy & Bethany  
Lesson 2 Case study guidance