Introduction to Oncology massage course

Feel confident to massage someone with cancer


Dear Massage Therapist,

Why do you do massage? What motivates you?

I’m going to guess that part of your answer is that you really care about people. You love to see the difference your treatments make, and to hear how the lives of your clients are improved. Maybe even transformed.

The last thing you want to do is turn anyone away from receiving this wonderful treatment.

But what happens when you have a client with a contraindication? Someone living with cancer or who has had cancer?

They may benefit from and appreciate massage therapy more than anyone else, but if you’re like many of my hundreds of massage therapy students, these are the thoughts that come into your mind:

  • “I can’t take the risk - what if my treatment makes them worse?”
  • “Will my insurance still cover me if I treat a cancer patient?”
  • “I’m going to need a doctor’s letter before treatment, and they’re such a hassle.”
  • “I’ve heard that it’s safe for cancer patients to have massage therapy, but I’m just not confident in knowing what to do to make sure it’s helping and not harming. How long should the treatment be, how regular, how do I make sure the client is comfortable…”

Sounding at all familiar?

Maybe you’ve been through the pain of turning away a client because you just weren’t confident enough, and wished you could have been able to help. Perhaps it was a family member and you knew that if you just had a bit more knowledge you could have used your skills to make a huge difference to their comfort and treatment.

Or perhaps one of your regular clients got a cancer diagnosis and you really wished you could have continued to treat them so they didn’t have to go to a hospice and have someone unfamiliar, or miss out entirely because they couldn’t find a therapist who would treat them.

Because you truly care about people, these things matter.

Perhaps you’ve wished you could really feel confident and competent when it comes to cancer and massage therapy.

And never turn anyone away.

And help more people.

And wouldn’t it be great if you could also communicate confidently with a cancer patient and do a consultation knowing nothing has been missed and you are able to carry out a safe treatment that will actually help, and will be soothing and nurturing?

Well, that’s exactly what I created the range of oncology massage courses for. I believe in never turning anyone away, and in this course you can learn everything you need to never turn away anyone with cancer.

Here’s what you’ll gain

No more fear

You’ll understand how cancer spreads (hint: it’s not mechanical movements) so you’re armed with knowledge rather than uncertainty.


You’ll know how to carry out a safe treatment, and you’ll know you did everything right, so no feelings of worry or guilt.


You’ll learn how to adapt current massage techniques safely and learn new techniques in restorative touch and lymphedema risk routines.


You’ll feel confident and competent, knowing you’re an oncology massage specialist due to the specialist knowledge you gain from the course. When you choose the Level 3 Oncology Massage route.


You’ll have ongoing support from your tutor and the community of students, so the fear and confusion can’t come back - all your questions will be answered.

No need to do another oncology massage course

I keep up to date with everything in the industry by attending worldwide conferences and events - the information I gather will be passed directly to you via the online theory platform if you have chosen the Ultimate Oncology massage training.

Treatment plan formula

I’ll teach you my unique “APP formula” for consultations to remove any doubt or concern that you might do the wrong thing in treatment.

Better client focus

You’ll learn the right questions to ask so the client isn’t worrying during the treatment, they understand all the way through.

Oncology massage database

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you’ll be added to my database of qualified oncology massage specialists, if you have chosen the Ultimate Oncology massage training.

So people looking for oncology massage can come to you.

Here’s how it works

The course is delivered with clear, professional video lessons which are easy to watch and follow, along with a course handbook so you also have everything you need in writing.

The Teachable platform makes it really easy to follow along and to keep track of your progress through the material.

If this sounds like the course you've been looking for, then please sign up on this page to begin. I'm really looking forward to helping you to gain this specialist knowledge and these valuable skills.


P.S. You might like to know that I will be donating part of the proceeds from this course to charities, specifically those that need funding to carry out complementary therapy treatments.


Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Hi from Maureen!  
Module 2 Myths Feel confident and dispel doubts and fears
Lesson 1 Can massage spread cancer?  
Module 3 Benefits of Oncology massage
Lesson 1 The many benefits of Oncology massage  
Module 4 Surgery
Lesson 1 Types of surgery involved  
Lesson 2 Understanding the side effects of surgery  
Module 5 Radiotherapy
Lesson 1 External Radiotherapy  
Lesson 2 Understanding different types of Radiotherapy  
Lesson 3 Understanding the effects of Radiotherapy  
Module 6 Chemotherapy
Lesson 1 Understanding different types of Chemotherapy  - Preview  
Lesson 2 Understanding the effects of chemotherapy on the body  
Module 7 Positioning
Lesson 1 Learn how to make your client super comfortable  
Module 8 Consultation
Lesson 1 APP Formula  
Module 9 Restorative touch routine
Lesson 1 Understanding the power of restorative touch  
Module 10 Risk of lymphedema routine
Lesson 1 How to adapt treatment safely if someone is at risk or has lymphedema