GDPR For Therapists

You won't need to scroll through anymore webinars about GDPR.

You will learn specific applications, as well as receiving editable downloadable policies specific for our therapy industry.

Learn which of the 12 stages are relevant to us working as a therapist, sole trader or small business.

Here's what other therapists have said about the course;

This was brilliant. Such a relief, I wasn't too far off the mark with what I already did, I had panicked being self employed!

— Christine Forshaw

 THANK YOU! I have just gone through the course. It is very clear and took me under an hour. WHOO HOO. I'll spend some time doing the specifics but it is in a lovely clear format so enormous thanks for that and would encourage everyone to consult this before any of the other complex and expensive other options out there! Enormous thanks again. It is a necessary but complex process that you have made simple and will be a great support to all us sole therapists, and allow us to be compliant ? ? ? happy days xx

— Shirley Kay

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Course overview  
Lesson 2 What is GDPR?  
Module 2 Awareness
Lesson 1 Who should be aware about the changes?  
Module 3 Information you hold
Lesson 1 Who should be aware about the changes?  
Module 4 Communicating privacy information
Lesson 1 Completing your privacy policy to be compliant  
Module 5 Individuals rights
Lesson 1 Procedures to comply with individuals rights  
Lesson 2 The right to be informed  
Lesson 3 The right of access  
Lesson 4 The right of rectification  
Lesson 5 The right to erasure  
Lesson 6 The right to restrict processing  
Lesson 7 The right to data portability  
Lesson 8 The right to object  
Lesson 9 The right not to be subject to automated decisions  
Module 6 Subject access requests
Lesson 1 Plan for data requests  
Module 7 Lawful basis for processing data
Lesson 1 Therapist specific lawful basis  
Module 8 Consent
Lesson 1 Understanding consent  
Module 9 Children
Lesson 1 New legislation for children  
Module 10 Data Breaches
Lesson 1 What should I do if there is a data breach?  
Module 11 Data protection by design & data protection impact assessments
Lesson 1 What is this and is it likely to affect me?  
Module 12 Data protection officers DPOs
Lesson 1 What is a DPO and do I need to appoint one?  
Module 13 International
Lesson 1 Data protection authority for international business