Free Oncology Massage PDF

Let's START an Oncology massage revolution together!

Supporting therapists to, "make a difference and help our client's feel good". Dispelling fears you have, and not turning any client away or feel scared to treat them.
Because we care about your clients, we're integrating healthcare and bridging the gap with the medical industry.
Because we all love our industry, we're creating standards for education and bridging the gaps out there.
Helping to revolutionise our industry and lead to more paid therapy work in charities, by donating part of the proceeds from our Oncology massage courses to charities, specifically those that need funding to carry out complementary therapy treatments.
This is a life long mission, when you get that buzz you are making a difference, nothing can beat it!
It's why you're here too, in an industry that cares as much you do, united we can move mountains together.
The free Oncology massage PDF will help raise awareness of the adaptations therapists need to consider when working with clients who have cancer or a history of cancer.

Just because a client is in remission, does not mean it's safe to receive the same pressure or techniques like they did before their diagnosis, the majority of clients still need adaptations in their massage therapy.
Just because you've got a doctors not to say "yes" massage is fine , it does not transfer liability and doctors are not massage therapists, and therefore can't advise on the specialist adaptations you will learn on our Oncology massage vocational training. You are responsible as a therapist to have the skill set to know what these adaptations should be.
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When FHT approached me back in June to write a short course for their education department, I honestly was shocked.
Little old me, asked by the biggest membership body in the UK and Ireland and then nominated for best tutor of 2018.

Module 1 Your Free Oncology massage PDF
Lesson 1 Here’s your free Oncology massage PDF