Back massage for carers and couples course

Everything you need to feel confident to massage your loved ones and reduce pain and stress levels!

Are you a carer?

Or maybe you have a loved one who is suffering from a chronic or life limiting condition?

And would like to learn more about complementary therapies and how they work to help reduce physical symptoms, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems.

Maybe your a couple or close friends who would love to learn how to give each other a safe and nurturing back massage.

Maybe you would like to afford booking more regular professional treatments but just don't have the financial capacity- learning how to massage each other can maintain your physical and emotional health in between treatments.

From experience Maureen recognises how much self-healing she needs to do on a daily basis and is so very lucky she has the knowledge, skills and expertise to apply this on a day to day basis.

That's exactly why she created this course for you.

You'll find everything you need to start your massage journey.

Helping your loved one through the power of touch to reduce their suffering and symptoms.

And reconnecting your relationship! (being a carer can be tough).

Have fun learning this new skill to add to your lifestyle and reap the benefits on an emotional and physical level through the power of touch!

On this course you will learn:

  • How to perform a safe, nurturing back massage treatment for your loved one.
  • Variety of safe massage techniques such as Effleurage & Sliding, Flat -iron knuckling, Wringing, Skin-rolling, Shaking & Vibrations and position of bony landmarks to avoid.
  • What oils to use.
  • Safe hygienic practices including PPE for immuno-suppressant people.
  • The history & development of massage
  • The benefits of massage
  • Contraindications to massage

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. This is available to both the beginner and existing therapists wishing to gain further knowledge and update their skills.

Here's how it works

Check out the course curriculum by scrolling down.

The course is delivered by massage expert Maureen Bonner & Carer & massage beginner Danny McCaskill in easy to follow fun videos, there's even a downloadable treatment PDF, easy to read information in the lessons and a couple of fun quizzes.

You'll meet them inside the course, and they'll be sure to put you at ease and there infectious enthusiasm will rub off and you'll be feeling relaxed and confident to start practicing the massage movements and enjoy helping your loved one feel better and you'll also feel good doing the treatment, getting into a nice medative zone!

Preparation for your treatment

online checklist

  • Model
  • Good internet connection
  • Up To date browser

Equipment for the massage

  • Chair, bed, stool, or table with stacked pillows, massage couch or chair. (whatever you have there's no need to invest in any fancy equipment)!
  • Massage oil or balm
  • Sufficient bedding, towels, pillows, blankets to make your loved one comfortable and keep warm during treatment.
  • Hand sanitiser, wipes.
  • Extra equipment- PPE (dependant on model, their treatment etc. and Covid-19 guidance)
  • Watch the lessons and practice getting comfortable and the massage techniques in preparation for the full treatment.

Your ready now!

We've recorded the live zoom- the video is uploaded inside the course for you to complete your treatment when the time is right for you.

You'll also have lifetime access to all the material and watch it as many times as you like and be guided by us everyday if you wish too!

You'll be starting your journey, transforming your life, feel balanced and energised, reducing symptoms, supported by each other through the power of touch therapy!

If this sounds like the course you've been looking for, then please sign up on this page to start adding to your skill set. We're really looking forward to helping you to gain this specialist knowledge and these valuable skills to heal your loved one and connect your relationship again, have fun learning these new skills to add to your lifestyle!

Maureen & Danny

Course introduction with Maureen & Danny

Husband and Wife, Danny has been a carer since 2019 they now want to share and teach others the benefits of complementary therapies and both have multiple stories of how massage treatments and meditation has gotten them through the toughest of times and continues to do so and play a major part in their day to day life.

Module 1 Hi from Maureen & Danny
Lesson 1 Introduction  
Lesson 2 Complete your Enrolment form  
Module 2 How can massage help
Lesson 1 History of massage  
Lesson 2 Benefits of massage  
Module 3 Preperation
Lesson 1 Hygiene  
Lesson 2 PPE  
Lesson 3 Equipment  
Module 4 Consultation
Lesson 1 Adapting for Contra-indications  
Lesson 2 The Healing Process and Adverse Reactions to Treatment  
Module 5 Positioning and getting comfortable
Lesson 1 Equipment preparation for back massage  
Module 6 Back massage routine
Lesson 1 Starting with breath  
Lesson 2 Effleurage technique video  
Lesson 3 Safety/ Identifying bony landmarks, Fig of 8 technique  
Lesson 4 Safe Flat iron knuckling technique  
Lesson 5 Wringing technique video  
Lesson 6 Skin rolling and Vibrations technique video  
Lesson 7 Back massage routine downloadable PDF  
Lesson 8 Back massage routine video  
Module 7 Feedback
Lesson 1 Complete your feedback and suggestions  
Lesson 2 Social media review links