The START with touch Story

Specialist Training And Restorative Touch

START with touch provides expert massage training in Oncology massage for clients with cancer and other life-limiting health conditions (donating part of the proceeds to charities that offer complementary therapies).

Starting with touch is exactly how we can provide a safe nurturing treatment to everyone and fulfil our mission to:

“Never turn anyone away!”
Help more people
Support our students/therapists to feel confident

Where it all started

START with touch was founded by Maureen Bonner. Ironically, she’s spent the past 20 years of her career, researching and providing treatments to those with cancer and life limiting conditions and complex health needs, resulting in START with touch Oncology massage level 3 vocational training becoming a recognised qualification in the industry, accredited by FHT and ABT and she has taught all over the world.

Now Maureen is advocating from a patient/clients point of view as she applies all her expertise into symptom managing her condition using various complementary therapies, reducing the amount of medication, severity of reactions, and symptoms from her terminal rare interstitial lung disease.

The journey so far

Maureen tells an up to date story here on YouTube why you see her wearing an oxygen canula, and in her own words her “big baw face” appearance has changed because of the life saving medication she is on to help extend her life, enabling her to have even one more extra day joyfully living doing what she loves most. Supporting and teaching others within the complementary therapy industry.

Maureen is looking forward to being your tutor and helping you fulfil your ambitions as she has hers. Also, she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with you while supporting your journey and helping you to achieve your dreams.

Carers and Couples massage course

Together with her Husband Danny McCaskill, START with touch runs an online Carers and Couples Back Massage course which is safe for everyone. Maureen talks and guides you through a back massage treatment and you’ll learn how to connect again to your loved one and reduce their symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety.

Self-healing Crystal & Chakra balancing course

START with touch has created a unique Self-healing Crystal & Chakra balancing course. Maureen and Karolyn met over 18 years ago and are soul sisters, living and breathing all things `energy healing”, each have multiple life experiences and stories of the benefits of working with crystals throughout their lives.

And they’ll share it all with you,

To help you use crystals in your daily life to help balance your physical symptoms.

Reduce the severity of mental symptoms such as anxiety, stress and mental tiredness,

All supporting you to transform your life and find your true life’s purpose!

This is for the curious about crystals and the experts. Inside the course we take you on a journey of connecting with the crystals energies, tune in to your chakras by following a guided meditation and balance them using a pendulum.

How I choose crystals for you!

For a limited time and stock we’re offering cleansed and charged crystals for your 7 main chakras to use in your self-healing treatment. The crystals will be chosen intuitively for you and posted. If you wish to order these then send an email after the purchase of your course and fill out the enrolment form within your course. Only available to those who have purchased the course.

Living with NSIP diary on YouTube

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Maureen has returned from her symptom management stay at the local hospice and is ready to add a few more dates for assessment this year. She wants to continue to be part of the movement she created till the day she dies. Already exceeding her lifespan by 2 years when the prognosis was 1 year back in the summer of 2019.

Well people if you want the pleasure of being taught and the one to one mentoring from Maureen the time to book is now or the chance will be forever lost. Nothing makes her happier than chatting with like minded therapists and boosting your confidence to support you in working with clients with complex conditions.

More dates coming soon, these may be the last teaching dates with Maureen.

Places are limited to 4 people on Maureen’s courses. You must complete all online assessments at least 1 week to confirm your assessment place.

We have no plans to resume venue teaching as Maureen can only assess via zoom because of her immunosuppressant terminal illness.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on our industry. The accreditors FHT and ABT have approved live online assessment for your level 2 course.

The Level 3 course format has also been revised with online lectures, videos that you’ll have life-long access to, just like revisiting your class again whenever you need a wee refresher. So even better than attending a class for a day, let’s face it we always forget something or wish we could see that demo again.

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